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How To Maximize Pay Per Click Revenue

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

There are many way of making money online and the advertisement method that some major online companies are now running, pay per clash of clans gems, is no doubt, one of such ways. This program alone has turned many website owners into rich guys. The fact is that there are still those who are still scratching the surface with peanuts to show for their involvement in this internet revenue source.

In my opinion I think this is a business that worth doing and worth doing well. Did you notice that I called it a business? Yes it is. The problem with those who do not make enough from it is that they have not stated taking it as a serious concern. They just generate the ads and wish that people will come and start clicking. I call this an abuse of opportunity. Opportunity to make big money for that matter. Or how else do you describe $300 per day from pay per click alone from just one site. Boy! That is big money in a month. Some make $1000 per day. But the common denominator with these high earners is that they take it as a business. So do like wise too.

So how do you maximize you pay per click revenue?

Always let your blog or site contain quality content and post regularly on your blog or site. For blogs posting everyday will be a great advantage will 2 twice in two weeks is good for a static site. Then place your ads in strategic location on your site. Also let the site rhyme well with your sites colour. You can customize your ad unit so use blue color, the thing is that psychologically people tend to click on link with the color blue.

Now most of the programs use website content to generate ads. The significance of this is that you can research the keywords that have high pay per click and the start blogging on them. An important thing to note here is that you make sure you site and content are related.

After all these have been done use as many strategy as possible to get people to your site where you have placed the ad units in strategic places on your site. Experiment with various ads type and positions to find out which ones work fine for you site.